Safety Patrol Member Duties 2019-20

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How can I be a GREAT Hedenkamp Safety Patrol Member?

1.Always show up to post on time

2. Model Husky behavior AT ALL TIMES

3. Demonstrate responsibility to the younger kids (be a good example and do what you want them to do)

4. Respect the school building and remind other students to, too

5, Be assertive, but never rude

6. Do your part to prevent accidents and help kids when they need help

7. Pay attention to what’s going on around you

8, Wear your jacket/uniform proudly (remember that other kids are watching you)

9. Take your job seriously, be ON TIME and don’t forget to SMILE

10.  Be a helper NOT a monitor of other’s behavior

The proper uniform requires a pair of white pants, shorts, or skirts and a red safety
patrol jacket or t-shirt. Try to buy pants that are large enough to slip over school clothes.
Elastic leg and waistbands work the best. Good places to check for pants are Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or JC Penny’s.

Jackets are provided.

Students may also purchase their own jackets ($14) or safety patrol t-shirts ($7). Students will need to have white pants in order to start duty.